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Rachael Sullivan: Acoustic show to celebrate new EP!

Rachel Sullivan's new solo endeavor, Maee, blends naturally emotive acoustic & electric guitar melodies with synthetic drum tracks, all grounded by her simultaneously airy and terrestrial vocals. Currently, Maee is working on an acoustic EP titled Part of it All to be released on July 20th. A second EP including electronic sounds, synths, and drums will follow it’s acoustic counterpart in late summer/early fall. The two EPs together represent Maee’s push and pull relationship with acoustic and electronic music.  

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Gather Round - True Stories Told Live

You are cordially invited to Gather Round, Bellingham’s new monthly forum for people who love a good story. Our theme for July is “Yonder - Setting Out for the Great Unknown.”

If you haven't been with us before, here's the scoop: Gather Round is inspired by The Moth, the New York based non-profit dedicated to "true stories told live." We believe that nothing binds a community together like shared stories. Our format is Open Mic: prospective tellers prepare a story based on the evening’s theme and submit their names before the show starts. Our rules are simple: 

1. Stories must be true and personal, that is, they must relate something that actually happened and directly affected the teller. 
2. Stories must be told, not read -- they must be performed without notes.
3. Stories last approximately 5-8 minutes. 

We're committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all sorts of stories to be shared. Funny stories, sad stories, stories about small triumphs or epic defeats; stories about friends, about families, about the search for love or justice; stories about the human condition and how we cope with it on any given day. Come tell us a story, or just sit back and listen as others share theirs.

One more thing: our space is small and seating is limited -- come early to get a good spot!

Hope to see you on the 27th--

The Honey Moon

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