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The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Want to Fall in Love - 20s & 30s

Are you a nice person who just wants to meet another nice person? This event is for you! 

Do you ever look around at all of your fabulous single friends and think, “You're all so great!  Why can't I get you all in a room together?” Well, here's your chance!

What if I'm gay? That's great! This event is not just for straight people.  

Aw, I do want love, but I'm too old. No you're not!!! This event draws adults of all ages. 

Are you scared? It's okay.  Me, too.  Let's be scared together.

The events have drawn such large crowds to the Honey Moon that this time we're splitting it up into two dates:  January 2 for people in their 40s and beyond; January 14 for people in their 20s-40s.

This event is the brainchild of Jenna Bean Veatch, a multi-disciplinary performing artist who has been accused of creating “pure, unadulterated, heart-stopping whimsy.”  With The Not-Creepy Gathering, she has touched a nerve, stumbling upon something that people are truly hungry for.  So many people are longing for connection but are frustrated by the difficulty in finding it.  Bars can be smarmy, online dating can be disconnected and impersonal...  The Not-Creepy Gathering provides a different kind of opportunity, one focused on making genuinely meaningful connections.  These carefully crafted, structured events are fun, sweet, playful, surprisingly moving, and remarkably effective.  Participants are asked to bring a notebook.

Earlier Event: January 13
Open Mic
Later Event: January 15
Corwin Bolt & Misty Flowers