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Awkward Covers Party V

It's the greatest song (or poem) ever, and you would totally want to cover it, except...*

*Potential "except"s:
-it's too girly/macho/gay/hetero, or
-it's too sexy/too emo/too ___ for your comfort level, or
-it sounds stupid on the instrument you play, or
-it misrepresents your religion or philosophy of life, or
-there is no way you have the vocal range, no, never, or
-your ex wrote it, or
-playing music is for musicians, and that's not you, or
-[insert your own awkwardness]

Actually, you know what? The world is going to slowly suffocate under our collective suaveness unless we get busy with our awkward selves and play these songs for each other.

Optional dress code: that garment that sits in your closet, because seriously where do you wear something like that? (Tuxedo? Leather pants? Schoolgirl skirt? Banana costume?)

***Sign up to perform:*** You don't have to tell me what you're planning to play, unless you want to. If two people do the same song, it will just be that much more awkward, right?

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