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Irish & Folk Monday: rushad eggleston AKA "Rusharguanox"

"****rushad eggleston AKA "Rusharguanox" is the second most innovative cellist who has ever walked the Earth (the first was an alien named Glurrbus Unthiobyde visiting from Lularpus-World). rushathoneade's music is wild weird and wonderful . his live show is a cross between mozart and robin williams. he is really really amazing and you should go see him while it’s still cheap. 

$10 Door for the traveling cellist magician

rushad “rushadicus” eggleston AKA rusharguanox is a bubbly faux-rabbit cello jester who innovates everything and makes laughs come about suddenly and for no reason. his nonsensical language is blungwinated and his music is slijeerious and he loves jumping, and being a cat. he only partly exists but when he does it will blow your mind.
rushuffioagrath pathiantwyndos is weird. he’s the most creative cellist ever and is a likened unto a cross between dr suess and jimi hendrix. but he plays all original music and makes up his own language. he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of stuff nobody’s ever heard of. he is the best show alot of people ever saw. 

rushad puppi gorta ninnibox huuther is a glimper of pusnagwes. no body has ever come close to playing the cello anything like him and probably never will. that's because rushad buttcow eggleston is from otherworlds, a bassoon. you know it. yeah 1 2 3, kick em on down lovers

hegi hegi nuvartos path of nummi nummi ickuagrade. fuppy borlortagneed evernembos glurtokhau.****"