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Gather Round: True Stories Told Live

Come join us at Gather Round, a new monthly forum for people who love a good story. This month, for our third outing, the theme is "Near Misses."

You can define a near miss as disaster narrowly averted -- the crash you somehow walked away from, or that person you almost married. Or you can define it as success not quite attained -- the championship game lost in overtime, or the dream job interview that went south. Either way, we've all experienced a near miss at some point, big or small, life-altering or just worth a chuckle. We'd love to hear about one of yours.

If you haven't been with us before, here's the scoop: Gather Round is inspired by The Moth, the New York based non-profit dedicated to "true stories told live." We believe that nothing binds a community together like shared stories. Our format is like an Open Mic: prospective tellers prepare a story based on the evening’s theme and submit their names before the show starts. Our rules are simple: 

1. Stories must be true and personal, that is, they must relate something that actually happened and directly affected the teller. 
2. Stories must be told, not read -- they must be performed without notes.
3. Stories last approximately 5-8 minutes. 

We're committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all sorts of stories to be shared. Funny stories, sad stories, stories about small triumphs or epic defeats; stories about friends, about families, about the search for love or justice; stories about the human condition and how we cope with it on any given day. Come tell us a story, or just sit back and listen as others share theirs.

One more thing: our space is small and seating is limited -- come early to get a good spot!

Hope to see you on the 25th--

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