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Swil Kanim, Harper Stone, Peter Ali - Stories & Music

Join us for another installment of storytelling and music at the Honey Moon. This month we feature three people who will weave words and music together to form a tapestry that will connect you to the time of the ancients while drawing you into the present moment. May it nourish your soul.

8:30 - 11:00 pm
Suggested donation $5-$20

Swil Kanim's compositions incorporate classical influences as well as musical interpretations of his journey from depression and despair to spiritual and emotional freedom. The music and stories that emerge from his experiences have been transforming people's lives for decades.

Peter Ali, a talented and self-taught Native flutist creating his music not from notes, but from spirit within so each performance is unique and special. He plays a variety of native flutes and shares their stories as well as stories of his rich ethnic heritage. His father, from Morocco, is Berber, and his mother is of Yaqui Indian heritage, as well as, Italian and Spanish, from Sonora Mexico. In the last seven years, he has taught workshops for Indian Education programs. In 2008 he had the opportunity to play for the Dalai Lama on Children’s Day during the Seeds of Compassion tour. In 2009 Peter was diagnosed with cancer, but was able to overcome this and continue to share his music and stories for all ages and people. 

Harper Stone tells stories that come from the twilit heart of an ancient world. Stories that are woven of moss and peat bogs. Sagas strung together like stars on a thread of sky. He plucks his yarns from the golden-fleeced lamb and spins his spiels on loom made of moonlight. A weaver of words and a painter of parables, Harper Stone strings together sagas like wires on a willow harp, tuned to the waves of the sea.

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