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Ghost Performs "Free" - His Amazing One-Man Musical!

"Free is a story of a girl looking for freedom against the demands of her parents and just societal norms in general. She goes on an adventure filled with laughs and cries in search of true freedom while her father tries to find the truth of his self!!! It's a look into the world of traveling and being chronically homeless. And the joy of being free! All in all I guess the moral of the story is we all want to be free of something. Drugs. Alcohol. Society. But having the courage to take that step towards freedom is not always easy. There are plenty of obstacles. But the biggest obstacle is yourself. "

"I'm from Chicago. I moved up to Madison when I was 10 after my grandfather died. The gang violence in Chicago was bad so my mom decides to move. 

"Music has always been apart of my life. I've played piano since I could walk. I got a trumpet when I was in 6 grade. My mom couldn't afford it but the teachers and parents rented me one and I played it for seven yrs. I also loved writing and musical theater. And I figured I like writing and music maybe its time to write some musical. But I needed inspiration. I had grown tired of working. I used to be an EMT. And decided to find myself traveling, so I started hitchhiking and eventually train hopping. Busking all across the country. A wondering minstrel I liked to think Wandering. 

"Well traveling was fun stopped being so glamorous when I looked up and realized I drank also...among other things. I was in a failing relationship, it just lost its luster...5 years I spent going backhand forth in America. I got lit on fire. I flipped a hippie bus. Illicited alto of affairs. Went to gatherings and fed ppl. But I was over it. So I stopped and left my girl and moved here

"Then it dawned on me, I could write a musical about traveling! Genius So I did. There u have it. The musical itself was inspired a lot in part by my good friend Raskull Jackson. It was her parents that kicked her out for not taking anti depressants and I just ran with It It was cake from there on out. She knows I told her story too and she's cool with it."

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