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True Crime Trivia Night 7-9 (Murderino FIRST Mondays!)

Murderino meets Meaderino!
Murderino Mondays at Honey Moon
True Crime Trivia Night - 7-9 FIRST MONDAY of each MONTH!.

In the spirit of the podcast, we'll be doing our homework on the way to the show. This is to say, it may be a little loosey goosey, but it's FOR SURE going to be fun.
Here’s the low-down:

- Bring your team! Or find one here! Teams should be between 2 and 6-ish people. We don’t really care.

- Bring $3 per person for the grand prize pot. The team with the most points at the end of everything wins the cash!

- Don’t cheat. Use your brain, not your technology.

Trivia questions will be broken into 4 sets of questions and rewards, with 10 minute breaks between sets to get a drink, smoke, take a bathroom break, whatever floats your boat.

You don’t have to be a Murderino to play, but it doesn’t hurt.